Open-data Brighton and Hove

In advance of the inaugural meeting of the Open-data Brighton and Hove group, I thought it would be helpful to start a blog on which I could record and debate developments in #Opendata. Links to articles on the web will be stored on the Cogapp Delicious links for Open-data Cities.


About Greg Hadfield

Greg Hadfield is editorial director of Brighton & Hove Independent, a free weekly newspaper. He is a former Fleet Street journalist and internet entrepreneur (including Soccernet and Schoolsnet).
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One Response to Open-data Brighton and Hove

  1. Mark Sheppard says:

    With regard to getting Council buy-in the subject of open-data has already been raised by at least one existing Councillor (see the fourth paragraph of this blog post). Hopefully this is an idea that will gain truly cross-party support so that whatever the result in May we’ll have a Council that’s willing to open up the data they hold.

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