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Greg Hadfield is editorial director of Brighton & Hove Independent, a free weekly newspaper. He is a former Fleet Street journalist and internet entrepreneur (including Soccernet and Schoolsnet).

How open data has changed journalism

To mark Open-data Day (December 3), solicited my views about how open data has changed journalism. This is what I wrote: Data – whether open or not – has always fuelled journalism. Data that is increasingly “open” (in the fullest sense … Continue reading

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Aristotle and an open-data Brighton and Hove

Aristotle got it right. “Man is a political animal,” the ancient Greek philosopher wrote nearly 2,500 years ago. He believed human beings were suited to living in a “polis” [πόλις] or city-state – large enough to be self-sustaining, but small … Continue reading

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Open data: last chance for city newspapers

In a previous life, I was the first Fleet Street journalist to leave national newspapers for the internet in the mid-1990s. Consequently, I was delighted to be asked to write what turned out to be the cover article in InPublishing magazine about  how the … Continue reading

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Update: Examples of Brighton and Hove data

Some helpful work by a number of #ODBH members – particularly by Paul Brewer (@pdbrewer) – has inspired me to compile in one post some of the links that have been tweeted by various people since last week’s meeting. Most … Continue reading

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A good meeting – and some election action

Despite some confusion by the barman (!), our meeting upstairs at the Western Front last night provided food for thought – and nutrition for action. Another remarkable turnout from officers of Brighton and Hove City Council, led by Paul Colbran, … Continue reading

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Categories for an open-data catalogue for Brighton and Hove?

In advance of the next meeting of the Open-data Brighton and Hove Group on Wednesday, April 13, I thought it might be useful to analyse the categories/classifications of data adopted by a number of local authority “datastores”. I have looked … Continue reading

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An historic moment: all-party support for Open-data Brighton and Hove!

It was a truly historic moment – and a fantastic result! And I’m not talking only about Wayne Rooney’s goal last night in Manchester United’s victory over Chelsea. In fact, I missed most of the game, because I attended the … Continue reading

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